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Check out some of the books I have read in 2020. Join me and tell me your thoughts on these books, or tell me what you’re reading, I always love recommendations.

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Check out my blog, I write about anything God gives me a passion for. May include but not limited to: Seinfeld, the Los Angeles Rams, Barrack Obama, and Leviticus.

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Check out the podcast I host, Everything In Between. Weekly episodes of season 3 are released every Monday.

Hey there,

My name is Daniel. I love Jesus and I am a missionary on college campuses in the Bay Area. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Sara. I love exploring topics of doubt, injustice, and how to move our faith forward in a deconstructivist age. I host the Everything in Between podcast (2018), a Christian podcast that explores topics within the Church through interviews with individuals from different sides of the faith. 

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